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Nestled at an altitude of 4350 feet, in the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of West Bengal, district - Darjeeling, India in the small and peaceful town of Kurseong Situated in the eastern Himalayas

Hostel Facilities:

The school provides separate residential facilities for boys and girls students. They are managed and run by caring and efficient matron / warden – in - charge. Hostels are well furnished and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Trained staff members, along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with well being of the children and to ensure that their needs are fully met. The school places much emphasis on the importance of students taking responsibility for themselves, and for each other, within a carefully supervised framework. For our boarders, the hostel is also home and as such provides every facility for study, leisure and a flourishing sense of community, which can add so much to school days and later life.

The school offers separate boarding facility to both boys and girls who come from as far as from Bhutan, Bangladesh and different states of eastern India, who in turn contribute in their own way to the life of the school. There is ample scope of academic excellence, sports and cultural activities. An urge for learning is not only essential but also indispensable for gaining knowledge as well as career development, and our institution is creating just that.

The sense of security and loyalty engendered by the hostel life finds expression in many ways. This is reflected in creating a healthy desire to excel in competition with the other houses, on the sports field, in the field of arts and in academic attainment. Friendships and mutual support play a large part in school life and in personal life. This is reflected in the boarding accommodation we provide. The school authority strongly believes that the values of caring, sharing and community living must be inculcated in our students from the very beginning. We just guide them professionally to achieve the same. The girls are under the guidance of a senior matron, who looks after them and their various needs 24x7.

Please Note - Students will not leave the hostel without prior permission. Unauthorized absence from the hostel will be dealt with severely and may result in suspension and expulsion.


School meals are carefully supervised by an experienced chef and staff members and efforts are made to provide a well balanced diet with a variety of vegetarian and non - vegetarian meals. Day’s foods are prepared keeping a view on the nutritional value and other necessary factors.


The school has a trained residential nurse and a visiting doctor to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition the school also organizes regular health check ups and maintains detailed records of the medical history of each student. Appropriate medical care is provided as and when required. The school doctor visits once a week and is on call for any emergency.

Parents are advised to get the eye, dental, skin and haemoglobin tests done prior to the start of every term. These reports are then submitted to the school. Boys using spectacles are to keep two pairs with them. Each and every aspect relating to health is meticulously entered in the medical record book assigned to every child. These include allergies, blood group, emergency numbers/emails, vaccination dates, etc

The school handles the routine outbreaks of conjunctivitis and viral fevers which are not uncommon in any boarding school. The doctor also keeps sending advisories regarding health matters to all concerned departments on outbreaks of communicable diseases in the school as well as in other boarding schools.

At the time of joining, all the parents are to execute an indemnity bond authorizing the school to look after their children in all matters relating to health. Medicines brought by students from home are kept with the resident nurse in the hospital and will be taken by the students under supervision of the Doctor.

Authorities reserve the right to refer a student to any specialist for treatment or operation when need arises. Parents will be consulted before any action is taken.

Vital doses of jokes, pranks, camaraderie and bonding help overcome the bout of flu or conjunctivitis perhaps as much as the medication. For the escapist, who conveniently falls ill during test, arrangements are made to conduct the test in the hospital if the doctor deems it fit!

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