Glenhill Public School

Rules for parents

Parents and school need to work together to instill the importance of education in children of all ages. Discipline procedures are for students, parents and teachers to cooperate together. In today’s society, working together within the school and community will help teach children that working as a team can effectively solve many problems. Parents are requested to help us achieve a decent atmosphere by cooperating with us

  • Telephone calls during school hours is not permitted
  • It is mandatory for each student be present on the opening day of the school, each vacation
  • Visiting day is a local leave; students are not permitted to go out of station
  • Parent's co-operation is most essential for the smooth running of the school

The travel arrangements of all the students are managed by the parents / guardians. For any emergency Parents / Guardians are to inform us as early as possible before they take their ward.


There will be no local guardian for any student. A guardian has to be a blood relation and should be authorized by the parent, except for students whose parents are living abroad. The school reserves its right to reject a guardian. It is preferable for the school to have parents to collect their ward/s for mid term break and vacations.

Disciplinary Cases

For any case of gross indiscipline, a student may be expelled from the school. It is mandatory for the parents to come and collect such children from the school, failing which they will be escorted under school arrangement and handed over to the parents and such expenses will be debited in the student’s account.

Packets / Parcel

Packets / Parcel of any kind are not accepted in the school. Parents may send medicines and textbooks only to the students and such parcels must be addressed to the School address and not directly to the students. Birthday dresses etc. should be sent along with the children.