Glenhill Public School


If a student is to be withdrawn from the School/Hostel anytime, the Parents / Guardians MUST give the school three (3) calendar months’ notice, failing which one full installment will be payable in lieu of the notice. The rule will not be relaxed for any reasons whatsoever.

Transfer Certificate (TC) will only be issued to those students who have studied in the school for at least one full academic year. Students who wish to withdraw after taking the ICSE examination are charged school fees till the end of June if the withdrawal letter is received after 31st March. Any student being withdrawn from Class XI or Class XII after 31st July is charged one full term’s fees.

It is advisable not to withdraw their children from the school they are studying before the admission tests are taken and the results are declared. Parents are requested to abide / respect these school formalities.


Rules & Regulations for Boarders

International studies has shown that students benefit when their behaviour is nice. High standards of behaviour are important in helping children to feel safe and learn well. GPS focus on promoting positive behaviour; hence rules / norms are set to discipline the students and to develop decent citizens out of them. Teachers generally can’t punish pupils physically, but can physically restrain them to stop a pupil injuring him or herself or someone else, damaging property or causing serious disruption and we have a legal right to impose reasonable sanctions if a pupil misbehaves. We might use the following process

  • A reprimand
  • A letter to parents or guardian
  • Removal from a class or group for a specific period
  • Loss of privileges
  • Confiscating something belonging to your child if it’s inappropriate for school (for example, cell phone or music player)
  • Detention, etc