Glenhill Public School


The Registration Form downloaded from our website can be sent along with a Demand Draft towards registration in favour of Glenhill Public School, payable at Kurseong to enable us to register your ward's name for admission. We wish to make it clear that registering the name of the child and attending interview will not ensure a seat for your ward as this depends solely on

  • The performance of the child in the entrance test
  • The performance of the child in the interview and
  • The vacancy position in the class for which admission is sought.

A registration fee is to be paid and sent along with the application so the child may be registered for the year and class for which admission is sought. The fee is neither refundable nor adjustable and is valid only for the specified academic year. The school fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter will be final and binding and cannot be questioned. The school reserves the right to change the Admission procedure from time to time without notice.
To admit a child as a day scholar, parents are required to produce the residential certificate of Kurseong Administration or similar documents eligible for admission.

Classes for ISC (XI) begins in the middle May every year

  • It is important that both parents and authorized guardian of the student should visit the school for signing the documents and also to ascertain the facilities offered by the school. No other person other than own parents and guardians whose names and signature appear in the application form at the time of admission, will be allowed to take out the children from the school.
  • It is important that the child is prepared mentally to join a boarding school. There is an advice we would like to give to all parents  regarding this, and the parents are suppose to note it carefully that a student should be given a hint of their boarding life. It not only helps the students they also take it sportingly. We would like to ensure that both parents and children are absolutely happy with the school rules and regulations, system of functioning etc.
  • Our aim is to see that every child is happy once he / she joins the school and we expect the same from the parents also. We will not admit any child unless the father/mother or a responsible person from the family visits the school.