Glenhill Public School

Rules & Regulations

  1. Parents / Guardians are permitted to visit their children / wards in the hostel guest parlor on visiting days with the permission of the Hostel Warden / Matron.
  2. Visitors / Parents / Guardians including school friends are not permitted to enter the dormitory.
  3. Any cash which boarders may bring with them must be deposited with the Hostel Warden / Matron for safe custody.
  4. In case of illness, every possible care is taken and the parents / guardians are informed. However, should the examining doctor advice that a child be admitted to the hospital, the school will do so even before the parents / guardians are informed. The medical expenses will be recovered through bills.
  5. Attendance of boarders is must in both the Morning and Evening Preps.
  6. Leave out will be allowed on the day proceeding two or more holidays as follows:
    1. Senior boarder boys from VII to XII may go home and return on their own upon written requests from their parents.
    2. All little ones and girls can leave the hostel and report back only when escorted by parents or local guardians. (ALL residential scholars and their parents guardians must sign the leave-out Register before leaving the hostel and reporting back)