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Nestled at an altitude of 4350 feet, in the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of West Bengal, district - Darjeeling, India in the small and peaceful town of Kurseong Situated in the eastern Himalayas

Hostels Rules:

Boarders who return late after the holidays should inform the Principal either by FAX / Telegram or in writing before the school resumes its classes, otherwise their names will be struck off the rolls / fine will be imposed / or disciplinary action will be initiated depending upon the gravity of the matter.

The children will be allowed to resume their classes only after all their dues are settled in full.

Visiting out of bound areas results in suspension, any similar or other disciplinary action. Any cash / valuables which boarders may bring along with them must be deposited with hostel warden / matron for safe custody. Use or Possession of lighters, cigarette holders, pipes, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, drugs or any objectionable material is strictly prohibited. Defaulters will be removed from the hostel without any hearing. Misconduct will be dealt with appropriately / strictly. Visitors / Parents / Guardians including school friends are not permitted to enter the dormitory. Residents who forge parents / local guardian’s signature will be expelled from the hostel will face strict disciplinary action which might result in expulsion also. Local guardians are permitted to take out the residents on out – pass during holidays with prior permission of the Principal. Residents who are permitted Out - Pass / Night pass should be back in the hostel latest by 5.00 PM. Violation of time schedule will lead to cancellation of all future outing. More than three violation of this rule may force the authorities to expel the resident. Under compelling circumstances, a resident can be granted leave of absence not exceeding 10 days. Some of the unwritten codes are given below

  • Students must remain in hostel in proper uniform at all times. They are not to loiter in towel or sleeping suits.
  • Students will use the recreation room etc. only at specific timings.
  • Students will take their meals / tea etc. in the dinning hall and during specified timings only.
  • Students will meet their guests in the lounge on the ground floor and normally between 5:30 to 7:30p.m.
  • Fees, hostel dues etc. as notified are payable in advance. Notice to parents will be sent.
  • Application for exemption from any activity on medical grounds must be supported by M.O.'s Certificate. Medical officer can be consulted in dispensary on all days.


  • Girls House - While guards patrol the outer periphery of the Girls hostel, night aya remain inside each dormitory during night hours not only to attend to the requirement of pupils but also to ensure safety, security and discipline of the hostel.
  • Boys House - For safety, security and discipline a security guard and watchmen are present inside the hostel compound. Sufficient guards remain vigilant outside the Boys hostel throughout the day and night.
  • Movement of Pupils - No student moves out of the campus without an adult escort and guard. 


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