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Nestled at an altitude of 4350 feet, in the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of West Bengal, district - Darjeeling, India in the small and peaceful town of Kurseong Situated in the eastern Himalayas

Principal Speaks:

A sincere attempt has been made within the limited scope of a few pages of this web site to furnish you with as much information as possible, concerning the academic entity, to enable you to take one of your most crucial decisions, the 'where',' what, and 'how' of the academic career of your child, the impact of which would be nothing less than the destiny in an unknown future. The website may not give all the details of every academic activity at the school.  This will be possible only if you pay a visit to our campuses of the school in Kurseong

Glenhill Public School is primarily a national institution with international perspectives, holding secular and ethical values. We affirm our faith in the universal brotherhood. The aim of the school is to develop the best that is latent in children and to prepare them for the challenges of the changing world through encouragement of self discipline, high intellectual achievements and physical fitness.

The students are educated in a way that permits them to grow up without inhibition, prejudice and with a deep sense of patriotism, loyalty to the motherland, values of all culture. Even the need for practical ethics in public life are inculcated


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